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Welcome to the box filled with pole inspiration!



Welcome to the box filled with pole inspiration!


allegra half split

New Release!

Curriculum Builder, including 100+ new moves.

allegra half split

Mighty Grip

Leaders in Gloves and Grips

one leg climb

IPSF coded moves

The IPSF compulsory moves are easy to recognize by this logo on the cards.

The Pole Move Box Version3 is an easy to use tool for Pole schools and for home practising. It contains 600 different cards, showing moves, spins, holds, seats, climbs and inverts. All named and labelled to indicate difficulty. Well organised in alphabetical order in each category.

Shown to you by famous Pole performers as: Anastasia Skukthorova, Evgeny Greshilov, Marion Crampe, Hanka Venselaar and many others. The names on the cards have slighty changed from the first edition. In cooperation with the IPSF, IPDFA and Fawnia Dietrich we have tried to make the names as descriptive as possible.