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Please be advised

The box is not an actual Pole instruction, it is just a tool to help you and to get inspiration from. If you are new to Pole, always take Pole classes with an experienced Pole teacher, and when you are practicing, always have a spotter nearby or use a crash mat for safety. Only practice on a good, well fixed, Pole (either static or spinning). SAFETY FIRST! All the pictures are taken on a static pole. The stars give an indication of the level. Some moves you may find less or more difficult than rated, depending on your flexibility or physical nature.

The names of the moves shown in the box, are taken from the most popular names that we have found within the Pole community. There is no explanation on the back of the cards. There are just too many ways to get in and out of a move, to only describe one way. We will not accept responsibility for any injury or damage that may result from attempting any of the moves in this box. No refunds given!

Shipping: Standard international shipping, signature required. Please note!!! Customers outside Europe may also be liable for any customs and import duty, quotas, permits, product restrictions or other local requirements.