Pole Move Box 3

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Product Description

The Pole Move Box is an easy to use tool for Pole schools and for home practising. It contains almost 500 different cards, showing moves, spins, holds, seats, climbs and inverts. All named and labelled to indicate difficulty. Well organised in alphabetical order in each category.

Can be used for all levels! Easy moves and spins for starters up to very advanced moves for professionals. Combine the cards and let your creativity go wild. The most surprising choreographies will pop up!

The outside of the box This beautifully designed box is made of PVC. It’s strong and is a trendy purple color. On opening, the lid rotates under the box. It’s light weight and is a good size, making it easily transportable. It weighs just over 1,5 kg and is 25x12x8,5 cm (9,8×4,7×3,3 inch). There is a contents list included, so you can re-arrange the box anytime after a training session or pole class.

The inside of the box There are 5 different chapters which are separated by transparant named taps. Starting with moves/holds, followed by spins, inverts/mounts, seats/climbs and stands. The over 600 cards inside the box are alphabetically ordered in their own category and printed on strong paper. The cover comes with extra explanation on how you can use the box.

The cards Here you can see one of the card that are in the box. The size of the cards are A7 (10×7,5 cm / 3,9×2,9 inch). The photo shows the move and you can clearly see the hand grip. The stars on the left indicate difficulty. The code under the stars tells you in which category the card belongs. The names and variation of the move are printed in the right corner of every card.

Additional Information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 25 x 12 x 8.5 cm


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